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Losing Weight is Hard

Add It Up December 3, 2008

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It’s day two of my adventure into changing my life.  It’s been pretty easy so far, it usually is for the first two or three weeks – it’s only later that I get deterred from the plan.

Yesterday was harder than the first day usually is for me.  I had a horrible headache and the dinner I attempted to make was disgusting (a combination of marmalade and dijon mustard in the sauce….not something I would recommend).  I went to bed early and felt better this morning, but there were a few moments when I almost convinced myself that I shouldn’t start something like this so close to Christmas.

I’m really glad I resisted.  Today was far easier.  I planned what I was going to eat better and I had a dinner similar to what I would have normally eaten (grilled cheese sandwiches), I just made it on WW bread and used low-fat cheese and margarine.  It was pretty good, the only problem was that it stuck a bit to the pan.

What’s hilarious is that because of how overweight I am, I get more points than I can eat on the WW diet.  I suppose I could be more adventurous with what I eat, but I figured I might as well get used to eating smaller portions of healthier foods now than wait till later.  Is that stupid?


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