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Losing Weight is Hard

Celebration Day December 6, 2008

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I went to a Christmas Party tonight!  My first of the season!

Normally when I go to a party where I don’t know anyone, I stand near the food and eat all night long.  Or at least until I get sick of standing, and then I’ll move to a chair and try to fade into the background a bit.  If I know a few people I’ll mingle, but I usually end up back at the food sooner or later.  It’s such a horrible habit and it’s one I’m trying to break.

Tonight I did much better than I thought I would.  I’m sure it’s the new-ness of this whole thing, but I only had a few things and I made sure I had lots of WW points left before I went so it fit into my plan.  For dinner, I had this delicious stir-fry from the Weight Watchers cookbook I own – I’ll post the recipe later – and then I went directly to the party.  I think that’s what saved me from really going to town on all the nibblies.  I was already full when I got there so it felt really bad to eat more.  I just kept asking myself if I really wanted that meatball/cheese and cracker/cookie and if it was worth it.  I did a lot better than I thought I was going to and I’m really proud of myself.

I sincerely hope that the weekend goes well.  I know in the past it’s where I’ve always struggled.  The week falls into such a routine that it’s easier to stick to an eating plan, but on the weekends everything gets turned topsy-turvey.  Wish me luck!


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