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Losing Weight is Hard

Just Dance December 14, 2008

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Good lord.

I have had such a busy weekend that I haven’t opened my laptop until this very minute.  Sigh.  It kinda feels good to sit down!

I had a meeting at my company on Saturday with all the truck drivers – did I mention that I work as a dispatcher for a trucking company – and then my company Christmas party followed immediately after.  I looked pretty good for a fat girl, if I do say so myself.  I guess it’s all relative, but at least when your hair and makeup look good, you don’t feel like a schlump…..until you catch a glimpse of yourself dancing to ‘Love Shack’ in the venue’s full length windows.

Seriously, I looked ok.  I did have nice hair, and my makeup was pretty good considering it was me applying it.  Next year I hope to look better.

I knew I didn’t have a hope in hell of sticking to my healthy eating plan, so I just ate a small lunch and hoped that all the dancing would burn off the calories.  I skipped dessert, more because it was chocolate (I’m allergic) than anything else, and I didn’t eat the cream-sauce covered pasta or the potatoes with the main course. 

Of course, I more than made up for how well I did at the not-eating the worst of the bad foods by drinking lots!  Seriously.  I had many vodka and cranberry juice beverages, just rationalizing away that the cranberry juice was good for me!  Right?  RIGHT?!


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