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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas December 25, 2008

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Merry Christmas to everyone! 

I love Christmas.  I know it’s weird for me to feel that way, considering I’ve spent many years working in retail (if only at the holidays like this year) and people who spend a ton of time around grumpy Scrooges usually end up one themselves.  Thankfully, this has never been me.

For me, Christmas has always revolved around three things: family, presents (both giving and receiving), and food.

Serious eating has always been my main enjoyment of the holiday season.  My mother or grandmother always does this massive shopping trip in the days leading up to Christmas, stocking our house with all the crap you don’t eat during the rest of the year.  Nuts (cashews especially), candies, fudge, fancy cheeses, appetizers and fattening desserts are all the norm in our house around the holidays.  Normally, I would spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day….and let’s face it, the entire holiday season (right until after New Years Eve), stuffing myself with crap until I am uncomfortably full ALL DAY LONG.  It always feels like a free for all, which I guess it’s been in the past.

This year, I asked my grandmother to avoid bringing that stuff in the house as much as possible.  I filled her stocking with lots of goodies, but asked that I receive none.  I have a slight advantage in this department, having a sensitivity to chocolate that has made me avoid it for more than twelve years, and not have having a sweet tooth, but I still love to gorge on the cheeses and dips and nuts around here, so she didn’t buy them.

I had a festive breakfast this morning, eating two small pancakes with less syrup than I normally use, one scrambled egg with skim milk, some grapes and some toast made on my WW bread.  I have an aversion to pork products that stretches back to childhood, so passing the bacon and sausage by was second nature.  I think my stomach has shrunk these last three weeks, because I was stuffed to the brim and really satisfied.  It was an “expensive” breakfast in terms of points, but I feel like I made some good choices that didn’t leave me feeling deprived.

Tonight at Christmas dinner it will be more of a challenge.  It’s not at my house, so I don’t have control of what they put out and I can foresee some nacho dip in my future.  However, my plan is to try to be as controlled as possible and avoid the punch bowl.  We’ll see how that goes.


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