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Losing Weight is Hard

9 to 5 December 29, 2008

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I never thought I’d say this, but I miss being at work.

No, I don’t miss the actual tasks I do all day, nor do I miss any of my coworkers….it’s just that being at work is so much easier in terms of my eating plan.  I always struggle on the weekends too, cause there’s less stucture and more time to do what I like to do best: eat.

One of the main reasons I’m fat is that I love to eat when I’m bored.  I will be sitting, not hungry, having just finished dinner, and I’ll eat because I’m not doing anything better.  That’s why I think I had an easier than expected time in December with the new eating plan.  I was working two jobs and had a ton of social commitments due to the holiday season.  Sure, it was hard cause I had to plan things so well, but it was also easier because there was no time to sit around and think about the bag of sour cream and onion crispy-minis in my junk cupboard.

When I’m at work, I have a schedule.  I get up, shower and attempt to make my hair look normal.  I eat breakfast, pack my lunch and drive to work.  When I get there, I work until lunch time, go for lunch and then work until it’s time to go home.  I’ll admit, when I first started drinking more water, I felt like I spent more time in the bathroom then at my desk, but that’s mostly subsided.  I go home at the end of the day, cook dinner and watch TV.

I only have to avoid bad eating in the time after dinner until I go to bed!  It’s so much easier than when I used to work erratic hours and would sit on my hands for hours trying not to gorge myself on whatever was handy.

I’m on holiday break now, I’ve been off since the 24th of December (I did work two days at the bookstore right after Christmas) and I’m honestly kinda glad to be getting back into my routine.  I think I’ve done pretty good this last week, but it’s been a battle.

Who knew that dieting would make me appreciate being at work?  It’s almost enough to give me nightmares.


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