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Losing Weight is Hard

Turnaround January 13, 2009

Filed under: Weight Loss Updates — Tara @ 7:59 pm

I had a good week!  I lost 3.2 lbs!

I’m so relieved!  I’m now down just over 20 lbs, which I’m so proud of. 

I’ve never done this before.  I’ve never so consistently stuck to an eating/lifestyle plan in my life.  I’ve been overweight since I was about eleven or twelve years old and I’ve tried diet after diet.  I don’t actually think that there was anything wrong with any of the diets (except that one where all I ate was soup and a banana on the third day).  For the most part (see above), they were all nutritionally sound but they never worked and I think it’s because I wasn’t committed.  I don’t think I was ready.

I have spent many moments over the last six weeks talking myself in and out of stuff – “You don’t really want to eat more cookies” or “Yes you do want to get up and walk on the treadmill” – and I never did that before.  I think I’m learning to deal with situations as they arise better than I ever used to.

Like I said, I’m proud of myself.  I’ve worked really hard and I’m happy. 

For now, of course.


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