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Blue Suede Shoes January 17, 2009

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I broke down and bought a new pair of walking shoes. 


I hate spending money on sports equipment, especially when I’m still trying to pay off Christmas bills, but I had no choice.  My other “athletic” (I use that word very loosely) shoes were slightly too small, proving that I am an idiot who doesn’t even know how to properly fit footwear for myself. 

In my defense, when I bought them the sales person said that they would stretch (they fit in length, they just weren’t wide enough).  I’ve had that happen before, I buy a pair of shoes that fit, and then a couple of weeks pass of me wearing them every day and suddenly I’m flopping around in clown shoes because they’ve stretched on the sides and now my foot doesn’t need as much length to accommodate them for what they weren’t getting in width. Does that make sense?

It’s made worse by my ridiculously small feet. If I can find a pair of shoes that are wide enough for my fat feet, like a skate shoe then I have to buy my shoes at Kiddie Kobbler.  No, I’m not even kidding.  I take a women’s size seven, but only because of the width.  Otherwise, I buy a boys size four and half. 

Go ahead, laugh away!  It gets funnier if you picture me trying to buy heels!


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