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Losing Weight is Hard

Mad World February 7, 2009

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Being fat sucks.

I hate it.  I mean, obviously I hate it, given my current quest to, you know, not be fat anymore, but seriously.  It sucks.

Did you know that there are only three stores I can buy my clothes from?  I guess I’m under exaggerating a bit on this, cause I could always shop at The Bay or Sears which do have very tiny (how ironic) plus-size sections, but the clothes always are made out of some kind of weird poly-blend and they never seem to fit very well.  Plus they’re usually pretty ugly.

So there are really only three stores that cater to plus size women in Canada.  There’s Cotton Ginny – which is good if I want to wear sweatpants all the time, and let’s face it: when you’re almost three hundred pounds, sweatpants are not the most flattering look.  There’s Addition Elle – which I think is the Canadian version of Lane Bryant, super expensive and the selection is pretty limited.  Then there’s Pennington’s, which is where I do most of my shopping. 

But it’s not wonderful!  Sure, I can find jeans and pants that look mostly normal (actually their jeans are pretty good, I’ll admit, once they got over that whole “tapered” thing) and their selection of shirts is pretty varied.  They sell things in multiple colours if you like the cut of something and it’s a bit more casual than AE, but less casual than CG.

But still.  It would be nice to have some variety!  I hate the fact that I have the same clothes as every other fat girl in Canada (or at least southern Ontario)!  When I went to buy a new winter coat this year, I had the choice of five different coats, three of which were fugly.  I bought the one I liked best and went on with my life.  Do you know how many people I’ve since seen wearing THE SAME COAT AS ME?!  At least ten. 

It’s not that I want to be so different, like some weirdo chick who people stare at as though I’ve just invaded the planet from Mars, but it would be nice not to see anyone over a size 12 and know immediately where I can score the sweater they’re wearing. 

So listen up retailers of Canada – if you give me the option of buying my clothes from your store, I will!  I promise!


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