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Pizza Pie February 21, 2009

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I meant to write sooner and let everyone know that I did not eat the doughnut.  I repeat, I DID NOT EAT THE DOUGHNUT.  I’m pretty proud, cause I really (really) wanted it. 

I’m not trying to turn off any readers (all three of you) that are male, but I think that the week before my period, I lose my ability to judge when I’m full.  I swear to God, I could eat the entire fridge right now – shelves and all.  I’m resisting but it’s been a tough week.  Not only at home either.  First there were the Doughnut Debacle of Thursday and then there was Friday lunch.

Our company buys us lunch every Friday, it started when the company was quite small and has continued even through these tough economic times.  Usually we order Italian food from a local place down the road, and I resist eating it (it’s pretty easy, I got food poisoning from them once and funnily enough, their food lost it’s luster).  Sometimes we have what I call Portuguese Chicken, which is basically Portuguese style BBQ chicken with rice and potatoes.  I will usually eat this.  I strip the skin off the chicken and I only take a little bit of each of the starches.  It’s my favourite lunch, we only have it once every six weeks (give or take) and I don’t feel guilty.

Sometimes we order pizza and that’s not so hard for me to turn down given that my first job was at a Pizza Hut and I think I O’Ded on pizza after three years of working there.  This week we ordered pizza.  I wanted a slice so badly that I actually lifted the lid to sniff it.  Twice. 

I managed to snap myself out of it by promising myself that I could have a slice if I ate my lunch and was still hungry.  By the time I finished eating my Smart Ones, my yogurt and my 100 calorie pack, I wasn’t hungry and more importantly, the pizza was cold.  It didn’t have quite the same appeal as it had steaming hot and for that I am grateful.  It was a close call to me binging.  I’m glad I resisted!

My whole approach to this eating better thing has been to only get through one day at a time.  I know that sounds cheesy, but if I think about how long I’ll have to be doing this (for the rest of  my life), I start to freak out.  If I just concentrate on getting through one day, it’s not so overwhelming.

Hey, it works for alcoholics!


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