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Losing Weight is Hard

Changes March 16, 2009

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So as you know, I’m Canadian.  That means several things of course, but the most relevant thing (today at least) is that I will often insist that it is much warmer than it actually is.  I’m not alone in this, oh no.  It gets cold here in the winter.  Worse, it gets grey and bleak and it stays that way for a VERY long time.  There are days in January and February where I forget what it looks like when the sun shines.  Therefore, as soon as the weather breaks AT ALL (read: 10 degrees C or 50 degrees F) you will see people around here wearing shorts and/or sandals.  It’s kind of crazy, I agree.

We all know it’s March, but what you might not know is that it’s been unseasonably warm for March here in Toronto.  I saw people in shorts this weekend! 

So this morning, I decided that the sun was shining, the air felt warm, and I wasn’t wearing my winter jacket to work. 

I climbed into my car and lo and behold!  I HAVE lost weight!  I mean, I know I’ve lost weight, but somehow I still can’t really see it.  I can tell that my face is thinner and I can tell that my clothes fit loose but I don’t actually feel smaller.  However.  There is A LOT more room between me and the steering wheel.  I mean, A LOT.  I can see my lap!  Normally in the car I can only see my belly and then the steering wheel.  Not anymore!  I can see my legs and my feet (without contorting myself into a pretzel) and my thighs.  There’s a huge amount of space between my belly and the steering wheel.  And the seat belt has waaay more slack than it used to.

So, progress!  At last!


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