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New Routine April 6, 2009

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I’m still not home.

I finished my vacation yesterday (Sunday) but I’m not going to be sleeping in my own bed anytime soon.  See, the company I work for is small and family owned.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I’m a dispatcher/warehouse coordinator for a trucking company.  I do two jobs, cause as I said, it’s a small company.  But even though we’re small, we have TWO locations!  I know, crazy!  (This story is going somewhere, I promise)  Our biggest location is in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada and the other location (which consists of maybe ten employees, most of them drivers) is based exactly between Ottawa and Montreal.

So the dispatcher who mans our Hawkesbury office went on vacation the week after me and my company asked me to drive directly from my vacation to his hood and “man” the desk in the Ottawa valley.  Fine by me, especially since my boss lent me his fancy SUV/Truck to do this, saving me mileage on my car and giving me XM radio for the long drive.  The only thing I hadn’t counted on was that this is Northern Ontario.  Northern Ontario at the beginning of April.

Do you know what that means?  It means snow.  And lots of it.  I drove and drove and it was great.  I sang along to the kick ass radio and enjoyed being alone for the first time in a week.  Then, suddenly, I felt like I was auditioning for a bit part in the movie ‘Alive’.  It was horrible.  The Trans-Canada highway was closed by the police in sections and we were re-routed through tiny towns that hadn’t been plowed.  A normally two hour drive took me almost six hours to complete and I ended up pulling into a small town for the night, rather than continue driving to the small city I had planned on spending the night in.  I was so glad to arrive at my final destination that I almost cried.

Now I’m here and it’s been diet challenging.  Last week was hard, but at least I was staying at my mom’s.  We grocery shopped and cooked together and made it to the gym three days out of six (a huge victory in my lazy-vacation-loving mind).  This week, I’m living out of a hotel and eating out of restaurants.  I discovered that the hotel has a fitness centre, so I’m going to take advantage of that tomorrow morning and I’ve hit the grocery store to make breakfast and lunches as painless as can be (oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and Smart Ones/Lean Cuisines and veggies and fruit for lunch) but it’s dinners that have me worried.

Worse, this town has no Weight Watchers and the closest one is over an hour away.  I’m really not going to drive there to get weighed in, so I’m missing my weekly meeting.

I feel a bit lost, like my routine has been thrown out the window.

I don’t think I like it.


2 Responses to “New Routine”

  1. kristisummer Says:

    don’t feel lost..so you were thrown off track for a moment. are you home yet. get back on when you get home and don’t stress. I am rooting for you and expect a post update when you get home, and that is an order lol!

  2. aperfectversionofmyself Says:

    Thanks Kristi! I’ll be home tonight and I already called and had someone pull something out of the freezer for me to make for dinner. So that’s something!

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