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Pele Merengue April 24, 2009

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Zumba=Awesome, just so you know.

I had the BEST time on Wednesday night.  As I mentioned, I’ve been getting kinda bored with the treadmill.  I was sick of staring at a wall and walking miles to nowhere and so I signed up for a Zumba class at a local dance academy.

I love it.  The first class was great for beginners, the instructor was really easy to understand and she went over the steps very slowly and patiently to make sure everyone got them.  The music was loud and fun to dance to and it was great to be able to HAVE FUN while still sweating my face off.

The instructor warned us that the first 2-3 classes are slightly less intense as she has to make sure everyone can follow along before she ramps it up.  I’m kinda glad it’s going to get harder because there were breaks in between each song for her to show the moves and those breaks allowed my heart rate to slow down.  I was still hot and sweaty at the end, but unlike my friends who went with me, I wasn’t tired or out of breathe.

I don’t want to brag or anything (yes I do, I just don’t want to do it out loud where anyone might hear me), but even though I’m still really fat, I am totally in better shape than the two small friends I went with!  They were huffing and puffing and looking DONE at the end and I felt fine.  Likewise, while they have both reported feeling sore today and yesterday, I feel great!

Looks like my time on the treadmill was well spent!


One Response to “Pele Merengue”

  1. kristisummer Says:

    Glad you liked Zumba. Heard it was a great and a challenging workout. Go you.

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