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I Like Food May 1, 2009

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Someone asked me recently what I’ve been eating to lose weight and I thought maybe you might be interested too.

I really am a creature of habit.  I guess I’m in the minority, cause I LIKE eating basically the same thing over and over again.  I can sometimes get “stuck” on a food and eat it over and over again, like an addiction.  Then one day, I’m over it.  It’s not always the healthiest thing (like the time I was addicted to Wendy’s Chicken Fingers), but it’s how I roll.

So here is an average day in my diet:

Breakfast:  During the work week I’ll have half a grapefruit (sometimes sprinkled with Sugar Twin, sometimes not – it just depends on how sweet/cold the fruit is) and usually a package of Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal made with half a cup of skim milk.  I prefer the maple brown sugar flavour, but cinnamon will do in a pinch.  On the weekends, sometimes I eat eggs with stuff scrambled into them (peppers, onions, salsa, low-fat cheese) and sometimes I eat a WW bagel with some light cream cheese.  My breakfasts during the week are usually about 4 WW points, on the weekends a bit more.

Lunch:  During the week, I usually take some kind of frozen meal for lunch (and before you lecture, I’m aware they’re full of sodium and not the best thing for you….I’m working on that), either a WW Smart Ones or a Lean Cuisine – I especially like the LC Paninis.  I also eat a fat free yogurt (Source or Silhouette) and a piece of fruit (a cup of grapes, an orange or some strawberries) and one piece of “junk”.  The “junk” can include a 100 calorie pack of some cookies, or a granola bar….nothing too crappy and it MUST be two WW points or under.  On the weekends, I tend to eat sandwiches made from light bread, some light cream cheese, fat free roast chicken breast, tomatoes and lettuce along with yogurt and fruit for lunch.  My lunches tend to run approx 10-12 WW points per day.

Dinner:  Is where I mix things up.  I have about ten recipes that I rotate through, some getting made more often than others (like Chicken Parmesan, yum!).  I got some recipes included in my welcome book from WW that are designed for one person and I make two of them at least once a week.  I also purchased The Biggest Loser cookbook and it is CHOCK FULL of recipes for one.  I make the brown rice with feta and spinach all the time, as well as the lemon chicken but my favourite is the Chicken Pileups.  I swear, those things are the best “junk food” you’ll ever eat, but they’re only about 300 calories and seven WW points.  Every single person I make these for makes them again and raves about them.  I’ll post the recipe soon.  I usually “spend” about 8-10 WW points on dinner.

Snacks:  I tend to snack mostly on fruits (apples, plums, pears) but sometimes a craving hits for something salty, so I’ll bust out some Crispy Minis (the Ketchup flavour are a particular favourite) or some baked chips.  I am currently obsessed with the light La Vache Qui Rit Cheese (Laughing Cow for all you Americans) spread on light Wheat Thins.  It’s a great snack because you get two giant cheese wedges for one WW point (plus the crackers points).

That’s basically it.  I don’t feel deprived and I don’t feel hungry very often.  I drink lots of water, nothing else.  No juice, soda pop or coffee.  Sometimes I’ll drink some green tea with lemon but other than that, I’m a water fiend these days.  I know I’ll have to cut more calories as I lose weight, but so far I feel on top of it and satisfied.


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  1. kristisummer Says:

    Being a creature of habit with food can be a good thing. That way you are less likely to splurg if you eat good with bad and what you want you will stay within your points. good job

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