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Losing Weight is Hard

Relief Next to Me May 5, 2009

Filed under: Weight Loss Updates — Tara @ 1:50 pm

I weighed in on the way to work today, as opposed to on the way home.  I had a really bad couple of days this weekend and I was anxious to just get it over with.

I’m glad I did cause it put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.  I lost 5.2 lbs this week!

I guess I should explain about the bad days? 

I really avoid restaurants like the plague these days.  First of all, it’s hard to know what you’re eating when someone else prepares your food.  If you can find nutritional information ahead of time, that’s great, but even if you’ve armed yourself with information before hand, you have to hope that the cooks in the back have prepared it according to the precise directions issued by the restaurant.  Otherwise, your nutritional info is about as useful as pants are to monkeys. 

On Saturday, my grandmother mentioned that she was not eating dinner cause she couldn’t be bothered to cook.  I offered to make her something, but she declined and said that she missed the two of us going out for dinner on weekends (I used to rarely cook, especially on the weekend).  I miss it too!  Not so much the food (although it’s certainly good), but the going out for dinner with my nanny and having SOMEONE else do the cooking.  It’s nice to have a night off!

So I braved her favourite restaurant and I didn’t do so bad.  I looked beforehand and I picked out a salad and added some grilled chicken to it.  I left feeling satisfied and pleased in a “I didn’t have to cook” kinda way.

Then I attended a funeral on Monday and my family decided to go out to lunch afterwards.  Not only did I not know we were going to do this, but I ate three mini-sandwiches at the reception afterwards thinking THAT was going to be my lunch.  I couldn’t very well back out of a family lunch after a funeral!  I went, had a salad and some soup, and then felt horrible all day long.

Like I said, I was dreading this weigh in.  I’m just glad all that worry was for nothing!  I’m going to credit it to the fact that I adjusted my points for the rest of the day after I had eaten out, and to the fact that I still walk/jogged 3.5 miles six days last week.


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