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Losing Weight is Hard

Put It Behind You May 26, 2009

Filed under: Weight Loss Updates — Tara @ 7:10 pm

I’m down 0.8 lbs this week.  May has not been the kindest month for me.  I was up and down and up and down and….basically I’m just glad to get this month over with and I’m looking forward to June.

It’s been tough around here too, in non-weight loss related ways.  My boss was laid off so now I get to do his job and my own – but with no extra money or perks!  Isn’t that exciting?!  I have new hours, which require me to get up at 5:30 in the morning in order to get my time on the treadmill in.  I am not a morning person and this is INCREDIBLY hard for me to do.  I tried walking at night, but I find it’s easier to make excuses once I’ve put in a full days work (more than a full days work these days).  I guess I should just be grateful that I still have a job, and I am.  I’m just bitching, cause if I can’t do it here, where else am I going to bitch?

Also, even though I apologized on her blog – I really am sorry to FF for offending her in my last entry.  It’s been irrationally bugging me ever since I read her latest update.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to do the dishes and go to bed.  I have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to walk in place.


4 Responses to “Put It Behind You”

  1. Shoot, no, I’m a total idiot! I really appreciated your post, and I was trying to be funny. I was just picturing how people could stay motivated and I had this twisted vision of a bunch of bloggers being really sarcastically cruel to each other to keep their motivation up. I will totally now go and make that clear on my own blog, but again, I’m sorry to have posted carelessly and made you think I was upset. Seriously, when I read your post I squeed because you linked to me and because what you said made so much sense.

  2. aperfectversionofmyself Says:

    Oh God, now I feel like a real idiot.

    Let’s just forget this whole mess ever happened. I’m up for blaming hormones, are you with me?

  3. Deal. Here’s to June!

  4. kristisummer Says:

    stay positive a loss is a loss.

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