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Lucy at the Gym June 30, 2009

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It’s time for the Tuesday weigh in.  I’m down 1 lb even this week, which is awesome after last weeks giant loss.  I’ve been staying for the weight watchers meetings lately too – mostly because the leader made me feel bad that I don’t.

Some other new stuff:

My treadmill is broken.  I thought I had fixed it (not that I fixed it – I had one of my warehouse guys take a look at it), but I was wrong.  On Monday I hopped on and promptly spun my feet like I was the frickin’ Roadrunner.  I grabbed a hold of the handrails just in time to hit the deck hard with my knees and get flung off the back of the thing.  I think it could have been a contender for America’s Funniest Home Videos or youtube, but alas no one was filming me.  So my workouts have now been taking place at the gym.  Thank goodness I had the sense to join one that is open 24/7 during the week, because I can still get my workouts in at 5:30 am.  Wouldn’t want that lovely tradition to be broken, now would we?!

It’s not as bad as I was anticipating (of course I was anticipating beautiful cheerleader girls stuffing my clothes in the toilet while I was showering – thanks a lot Veronica Mars) and it’s given me a chance to try an elliptical machine for the first time in my life.  I hopped on that sucker thinking it looked pretty easy, and then staggered off 20 minutes later only to find someone had replaced my legs with noodles.  I managed to last 25 minutes this morning, which I’ll gradually increase by five minutes per week until I’m up to an hour each morning.  Currently I have to finish my hour of cardio on the treadmill, but the elliptical will not best me (for long)!

Hmmm.  What else?  Oh yeah, I added some links to my bloglist on the sidebar, including the link to the new home of the Forthright Fattie.

Cheers to a good week guys!


Underwear June 28, 2009

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Confession time.

I’m still wearing the same underwear that I was wearing 75 lbs ago.

What can I say?  There’s no one currently seeing my underwear besides me and it’s gotten so expensive replacing my clothes since I started losing weight!  It gets worse when I go clothes shopping and I realize that the clothes that fit so perfectly will be saggy and baggy 6-8 weeks after I get them home.  Underwear, while cheaper than jeans, is still not that cheap when you have to buy it at a plus-sized clothing store.  I’ve replaced my old bras with new, better fitting ones (ok, one.  I own one bra, besides my sports bra.  Again, they’re expensive and it won’t fit for much longer anyway so I figure I can just wear it out) but I’ve just kept wearing the old panties.

So as of now, I can stretch my underwear out until another person could hop right in.

It’s a look bound to catch fire on runways the world over!  Any day now….


Boys Don’t Cry June 23, 2009

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I cried today at Weight Watchers.  In fact, I sobbed.  I did that horrible thing where, while trying to control your tears, you sound like you’re choking on something.

I lost 4 lbs this week but more importantly, I have now lost over 75 lbs.  I weighed basically this much in high school, give or take ten pounds.  It was so overwhelming to think that I had done this that I just couldn’t control the tears.  I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of anything in my entire life.

If you had’ve told me seven months ago that I would be 75 lbs lighter by the summer, I would have told you to get lost (or maybe something more foul).  I cannot believe how different I feel these days!  My whole body moves easier, I don’t lose my breath unless I’m pushing myself during a workout, and a lot of things have stopped hurting.  My knees no longer bug me when I go up and down the stairs for instance.  I can scratch the middle of my back with no effort.

Life is so much better these days and I’m really proud that I’ve gotten this far.  For tonight, I’m just going to bask in the glow of my hard work and enjoy.  I start the next push (90 lbs lost) tomorrow morning.


Do You Sleep? June 18, 2009

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When I was younger, I figured that being a “grown up” would entitle a person to do many things.  Some of those things were: getting married, having children and getting to stay up as late as you liked, whenever you liked.

Excuse me for a minute.  I have to stop laughing at how stupid I was when I was younger.

After all, I’m not married nor do I have or want children.  And tonight, I’m heading to bed at 10 pm, per my new bedtime.

My hours at work changed as I’ve mentioned before, but really nothing else did.  Sure I started getting up A LOT earlier, but other than that my routine and life stayed the same.  But lately I’ve been feeling really tired and I’ve noticed that I’m hungrier than usual.  I’m still eating within my WW points, but I often feel like I could really keep going. Then I read this and a bunch of other articles about how not getting enough sleep can cause hunger and can hinder weight loss efforts because hormone regulation is altered when you are sleep deprived.

I thought about this.  I thought about how lately, I’ve been going to bed around 11 pm midnight and then laying there for awhile before I actually drift off.  I estimated (honestly this time) that I am getting approximately 5-5 and a half hours of sleep per night. 

That’s not enough!  I was actually aghast when I (honestly) calculated out how much sleep I was getting.  No wonder I’ve been feeling tired!  No wonder all I want to do on weekends is sleep!  Hence, I decided that for the next while (at least), I’m going to turn my lights off at 10 pm.  This means less time for the Internet, TV and books, but oh well. 

I know initially it’s probably going to be pretty difficult, but I’m hoping that eventually I feel the difference a good nights sleep can make.


Digsy’s Dinner

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Time for another recipe!

This one I stole copied from The Biggest Loser original cookbook and it’s a favourite.  I make it at least once a week, more if I’m fighting a craving for junk food.  Because this meal?  Tastes like junk food, even though it’s pretty healthy and low-cal.

Chicken Pileups

Combine 1 tsp of Mexican seasoning (I use reduced-salt taco seasoning) with 1/2 a tsp of garlic powder.  Roll a 4 oz boneless skinless chicken breast in the spice mixture and set aside to let the flavour seep in.

Heat GF (or any other) grill to high heat and grill one 6 1/2 inch whole wheat pita for two minutes.  Once the pita has warmed/grilled, put chicken breast on grill and cook 7 minutes if you’re using a GF grill, otherwise until juices run clear.

Meanwhile, top the grilled pita with 2 TBSPs of hummus, thin slices of red pepper, thin pieces of red onion and 2 TBSPs of black beans.

Once chicken is cooked, remove from grill and cut into small pieces.  Place chicken on pita (it should be getting pretty piled-up by now).  Top with some salsa and 2 TBSPs of grated low-fat cheese.  Bake in a 425 degree oven for 7 minutes and then slice into four wedges using a pizza cutter.

Yields: 1 Serving

WW Points: 7 points plus points for additional toppings (see below)

Seriously.  This is really, really good.  It drips and drops everywhere, the way good junk food should, it’s full of fibre and lean protein and it really fills you up.  I usually will top this with some light sour cream when it comes out of the oven, cause I love sour cream but you could also use guacamole like one of my friends does, or save some calories and skip the extra toppings.


Little Differences June 16, 2009

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Tuesday weigh in and I’m down 0.2 lbs.  Great!  Not!

Whatever.  It honestly doesn’t bother me this week.  I worked really, really hard and I tried a bunch of new things including a second Zumba class.  I started working with a trainer and lifting some weights and I feel awesome.  I walked into the Weight Watchers today feeling like the scale was going to show how much thinner and lighter I felt this week but it didn’t.  I took the liberty of looking back four weeks and I noticed that this week four weeks ago, I went UP 0.8 lbs….basically I’m not upset or worried.

Wow, look at me being all level headed!

In other news, I got a second job.  I’m returning to my part-time standby of working at a bookstore on Friday and I couldn’t be more excited.  Working there this Christmas was very hard – I was 70 lbs heavier and standing for the length of a shift was excruciating.  I’m sort of curious to see if it will be easier this time around.  Let’s hope so!  I got the second job so that I could afford to have an awesome time in Vegas, and it would be a shame to have to quit rather than endure painful feet!  I’m working this Friday evening and Saturday as well, so it’s going to be trial by fire.


A Stroke of Luck June 9, 2009

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I don’t have very long to write this – I have to make and eat dinner and then get to the gym to meet my trainer.

I lost 1.4 lbs this week!  I’m happy with that, mainly because I had such a huge week last week that I was kind of expecting a small gain.  I’m down 22% of my body weight, which isn’t Biggest Loser numbers yet, but it’s getting there!  I can’t wait to be able to say that I’ve lost a quarter of my body weight!  It’ll be a good, good day.

I’m still working out, I took spinning as I mentioned and I’m starting a class called Body Flow this coming Monday.  I figure the best way to avoid getting bored is to constantly be trying new things.  Plus I think it can’t hurt to be more flexible.  I’ve tried a basic Pilates workout and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered something that works you so hard, while letting you look like all you’re doing is laying on the floor.  On top of this, I signed up for a second session of Zumba classes because I LOVE ZUMBA!!!

Oh and in case anyone is interested, my bum is feeling much better, thank you.