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You Spin Me Round June 6, 2009

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I just got back from my first spinning class.  I don’t think my ass will ever be the same.

Good lord, I nearly died.  I’ve built this myth up in my head that I’m not in that bad of shape.  I mean, I walk/jog six times a week for an hour.  I’m averaging about a 17 minute/mile at this point, which I’ve looked up and it ain’t THAT slow.  I figure that while I’m still fat, cardiovascularily wise, I’m doing ok and all it took was one 50 minutes trek on a fake bike to prove me wrong.

Worse!  I didn’t even last the full class!  I ended up quitting after 30 minutes – mostly because I just couldn’t bear to be on that seat anymore!  I was really tired too….way more tired than I normally am after I finish with my wogging (walk/jogging – I’m coining my own term).  I cooled down on the treadmill for ten minutes and then did some light (read: lame) stretching before calling it a day.  I limped down the stairs to the parking lot and wimpered when my poor posterior parked itself in the car.  The tiredness has now spread to my whole body and I feel like I could be ready for a nap. 

How is this possible?!  How can I be back at square one, exercise-wise, after six months of diligent work?!

I’ll tell you one thing though: this stupid spinning is not going to best me!  Oh no!  The old me might have decided that spinning is just too hard and I’m destined to suck at it, but the new me already called my uncle and asked him to join me next week (same bat time, same bat channel) for another class.  Even if I only last five minutes longer then I did today, I’m going to finish that stupid class one day.


2 Responses to “You Spin Me Round”

  1. Good for you for trying it! Spin can be very challenging!! Don’t be down on yourself for having a rough time, it’s something new so it’s totally normal to be sore and have a hard time getting through it. I’ve been teaching spin for years and it’s very common when people first start out! Keep going and have fun! Stay positive, it’ll get better! 🙂

  2. aperfectversionofmyself Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m definitly going back and I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

    Hopefully it will be less painful on the bum.

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