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Underwear June 28, 2009

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Confession time.

I’m still wearing the same underwear that I was wearing 75 lbs ago.

What can I say?  There’s no one currently seeing my underwear besides me and it’s gotten so expensive replacing my clothes since I started losing weight!  It gets worse when I go clothes shopping and I realize that the clothes that fit so perfectly will be saggy and baggy 6-8 weeks after I get them home.  Underwear, while cheaper than jeans, is still not that cheap when you have to buy it at a plus-sized clothing store.  I’ve replaced my old bras with new, better fitting ones (ok, one.  I own one bra, besides my sports bra.  Again, they’re expensive and it won’t fit for much longer anyway so I figure I can just wear it out) but I’ve just kept wearing the old panties.

So as of now, I can stretch my underwear out until another person could hop right in.

It’s a look bound to catch fire on runways the world over!  Any day now….


One Response to “Underwear”

  1. forthrightfattie Says:

    I love confession time. And hey, it’s a good problem to have!

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