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Just Like Heaven August 11, 2009

Filed under: Weight Loss Updates — Tara @ 3:14 pm

Tuesday weigh in is a doozy this week.  My stupid “I’m a woman” gain came a week early this month (bizarre, no?) so I really had no idea what to predict when I went in to WW this week.

But!  I lost 4.6 lbs!  Yay me!

This means a couple of things.  First, I hit my next goal of 90 lbs lost.  Second, I’m less than ten lbs away from my Vegas goal (five weeks to do it in – I’m getting nervous).  I’m also rapidly approaching the halfway mark to my goal weight.  I am pretty convinced the second half of the weight will be coming off much more slowly then the first half, but at least I will still be heading towards it.

In other news, my grandmother had her shoulder replaced yesterday.  I didn’t even know it was possible to do that!  I don’t know why hips and knees seemed so much more feasible, but they do to me.  I visited her last night, but she was still groggy from the anaesthetic and slept through my visit (it’s a shame too – how often do you get to use your shoulder-replacement comedy routine?  I had the nurses in stitches….get it?!).  

My grandmother’s surgery made me even more appreciative that I’m getting my weight under control now.  I may be able to minimize some of the damage being overweight has no doubt caused to my joints.  I know that my knees hurt far less today than they did eight months ago.  I no longer have to clutch the railing, bracing my body weight on my wrists and elbows (healthy!) when I go down a set of stairs.  I can descend looking (almost) graceful.  I’m sure this is good for both my knees and the aforementioned wrists and elbows!

Good joint health.  Not something I contemplate everyday, but it’s the thing I’m going to be grateful for while I’m driving my grandmother around for the next six weeks.


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