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Dawn of the Dead October 13, 2009

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Tuesday weigh in: down 0.4 lbs.  Ho-hum.  I’m trying to remain both positive and realistic.  A loss is a loss.  It’s my “heavy” week of the month.  I’m glad to have lost ANYTHING considering the Thanksgiving dinner I indulged in on Sunday.  Blah, blah, blah.  It’s still a kinda crummy feeling to have three small-ish weeks in a row.

I know that some of the food (hello, Apple Pie) contributed to a smaller week, but I’ll let you in on a secret.  I don’t go to the gym when I have my period.  It’s not the “exercising” per se, it’s more the “showering publically” thing.  I don’t like to do it and since my period is extremely short (think three days, max) I don’t really stress about it too much when I miss the gym for a few days a month.  Except this month apparently.

It’s like everything CONSPIRED AGAINST ME THIS WEEK!!!

Or, that’s what I would say if I was crazy!

In reality, I’m cool.  I’m moving on.

Hence – the rest of this post will have nothing to do with weight loss!

Halloween, my favourite holiday, is right around the corner. Mama Bear June mentioned the other day that she was going to see Paranormal Activities and it got me reminiscing about how much I love (LOVE) scary movies.  Here are my three favourite:

1. Black Christmas – the original.  The scene that gets me every time is the picture of one of the sorority girls sitting in the rocking chair in the attic, plastic bag wrapped around her face….and the killer singing.  It gives me chills.  Fun fact?  The guy who directed this also directed ‘A Christmas Story’ (you know, the one with the BB Gun).

2. The Exorcist – true story – I haven’t seen this movie in YEARS.  I was in the kitchen and the theme music started to play out of the tv in the living room and I instantly felt afraid.  I couldn’t figure out why a chill ran up my spine….and then I realized.  This movie scared me so badly that I recognized the music five years later and instantly felt afraid.  This is the first movie that I watched and then slept with the lights on. 

3. Dawn of the Dead – again, the original.  I love zombie movies.  LOVE!  I will see any of them (even the crappy I Am Legend, cause a friend mentioned it had zombies in it, what a disappointment) and I will see them multiple times.  This one was the very first one I ever saw and it whet my appetite (heh) for the zombie genre.  And before you ask, I prefer slow zombies to fast ones.


2 Responses to “Dawn of the Dead”

  1. moralia Says:

    Ok.. gotta tell ya, jealous that your TOM is only 3 days!! Where can I sign up? LOL!!

    I think the fact that you didn’t gain is great!! I upped 1.5lbs this week ’cause of Thanksgiving weekend! lol! Can’t win ’em all!


  2. MamaBearJune Says:

    I say celebrate the losses, no matter how small! 🙂

    We like terrorizing the neighborhood children on Halloween. Last year my son dressed up as a scarecrow and sat on a bench by the door. Scared the crap out of some of them, they didn’t know if he was a real person or not. (He’s very skinny so can totally pass as a scarecrow!) 😉

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