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All Apologies November 10, 2009

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Perhaps I should apologize for freaking out about Blogger yesterday?

I had quite possibly the worst work day I’ve ever experienced.  I had nine trucks on the road and eight of them had major problems.  I mean, major problems.  One driver was denied entry into the United States due to an issue with his FAST card (no, you don’t care what that is).  Another driver broke down in the middle of nowhere, while a third got pulled in for inspection and XRay at the border and was held for over five hours.  This made him miss his 8 am delivery appointment at a Safeway distribution centre (that’s right, some of your granola bars have been XRay’d, Northern KY/Southern OH).  I received 11 phone calls between 7:47 am and 7:59 am.

In short, it was the day from hell.

Then I got home back to my hotel room that I’m living in, logged onto the extremely tenuous wireless internet and tried, in vain, to comment on Princess-Jeniffer’s blog and couldn’t.  Like I said yesterday, this isn’t the first time Blogger has messed around with me, but something inside me snapped and I dashed off yesterday’s entry in a rage.

I’m done being mad now, I will go back to doing what Canadians do best – silently loathing it and grumbling under my breath.

In weight loss related news, my eating has continued to be so-so.  It’s the usual story, breakfasts and lunches = good, dinner = ok/bad.  I have come to terms with it.  This work trip has been harder than I would like, but it’s over in two days and until then, I’m just trying my best.

I had dinner with one of this area’s sales reps tonight and I haven’t seen him in a year.  And by “seen him in a year, what I really mean is that I haven’t seen him in roughly 120 lbs.  He came in the restaurant and walked right by me.  Then he came back, blinked and told me it was a good thing that my smile hadn’t changed because he didn’t recognize me.  It was a really nice feeling.

I’m dying to get home and I’m dying to resume my regular weigh ins.  I hate not being able to monitor my progress (or anti-progress as I think I’m achieving).  Two days, baby!  Two days….


3 Responses to “All Apologies”

  1. Chibi Jeebs Says:

    Yikes — what a crappy day! Talk about the Monday of all Mondays! 😦

    However, what an awesome compliment! I love that what he recognized was your smile (made me a little gushy… lol).

  2. I’m so glad I switched from Blogger to WordPress back in July–and now I find myself with the same frustrations you have! Good luck finishing up your trip and then heading home and settling back in to your routine.

  3. OMG, it does sound like the day from hell. But wow, what a great compliment!

    I hate blogger too but feel trapped in it for now.

    Love this: “I’m done being mad now, I will go back to doing what Canadians do best – silently loathing it and grumbling under my breath.”

    Too funny!

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