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Had Enough November 16, 2009

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I went to the gym today for the first time since my surgery.  I know I mentioned I was going to go in Hawkesbury, but I thought better of it and decided to heed my doctor’s recommendation to wait.  I saw him on Friday and he cleared me to go back to working out.

Today was rough.  My legs felt fine, my body felt strong, but my lungs.  I haven’t had burning in my lungs from being out of breath in a VERY long time.  Six minutes into the elliptical machine, I had to stop to drink some water and clear my throat.  My lungs were working overtime.

Still, I finished my full hour of workout and left the gym feeling pleased as punch.  It was hard, but I did it.

I got home tonight, changed into lounge clothes and realized my belly button felt kinda sore.  In the last hour, it’s gone from kinda sore to “wow, I really can’t have my waistband sit there”.  It’s turned bright red and it looks very angry.


I’m going to have to go and see my doctor and see what I’ve done to myself.  This whole surgery thing sucks.

I’m going to weigh in tomorrow for the first time in weeks.  I’m nervous.


2 Responses to “Had Enough”

  1. Janet Says:

    Ugh! Sorry your belly button hurts, but yay for you getting back into working out!

  2. forthrightfattie Says:

    Good luck! Keep in mind that being healthy is about more than losing weight, so if that means that you have to have an important surgery and cool down on the weight loss front, that’s a choice for health right now. And seriously, you’ve done so well, you should be proud of yourself no matter what. You’ll get to where you want to be. No doubt.

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