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Losing Weight is Hard

Bad Idea December 10, 2009

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I have broken down.  I have failed to resist temptation.  I have joined Twitter and now “tweet” or whatever.

I’ve added it to the sidebar on my blog, or you can follow me if you’d like.  My user name is tara_hie.  Original!  It’s my first and last name!  Oops, I don’t think I’m supposed to tell the internet my last name.  My bad.


One Response to “Bad Idea”

  1. Becky Says:

    Hi, Tara. I was looking around sparkpeople the other day, halfheartedly thinking of joining once I’ve moved to my new place and holiday things are over. My weight is 310. Came across your sparkpage somehow and thus your blog, which I’ve read from start to finish over the last 2-3 days. SO inspiring to see how much you’ve lost in a year, and how you stuck with it even when you had a discouraging weigh-in. I, sadly, have reacted much more childishly to disappointing weigh-ins in the past, which is why I am still continuing to gain a few pounds each year and you have lost 122+. Not saying this to bash myself as much as to say, wow, what a lesson.

    PS- I also had to have my gallbladder out a couple of years back. I was 6 weeks into a diet at the time. I’d never had problems with it before that, I just woke up one morning with this horrible squeezing feeling and thought maybe I was having a heart attack! Seems like dieting and gallbladder issues are connected for a lot of people. I wonder why that is.

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