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Tonight and the Rest of My Life December 30, 2009

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Whew.  The holiday season is upon us.  Christmas is past and New Years is right around the corner.

Check-in is a day late this week due to family get-togethers and obligations.  I weighed in yesterday having gained 1 pound over Christmas.  I’m considering that a huge victory.  I ate whatever I wanted on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I also indulged in tasty treats well past those two days, which was not in my plan.  Ooops.

I have rationalized all of this away though.  I’m trying really hard not to feel guilty.  Afterall, no one is perfect and indulging in things that you wouldn’t normally is practically the definition of Christmas.  The thing that’s bugging me is how easy it was to slip into my old habits.  I’m surprised at how completely I was able to walk away from all my healthy habits and just let go.  It’s scared me a bit to be honest.  I can’t help but think about how easy it would be just to slide back and let go.  It’s made me a bit depressed.  I’m once again having the idea that diet is going to be something I struggle with for the REST OF MY LIFE. 

I’m reminding myself that this feeling will pass.  It always does.  It may linger for longer than I’d like, but eventually I will feel ready to take on the monster again.  Today is the only day I’m worrying about for now.

Oh, and in the comments on my last post, Becca asked how much I think WW has contributed to my loss and do I think she should join it.

My answer isn’t a good one, I’m afraid.  I really feel like WW is a tool.  It’s a great one, but there are other equally great ones that might work.  I 100% believe that weight loss is mostly mental and when you are READY to lose your weight, you will do it.  Regardless of what plan you choose (as long as it’s nutritionally sound), you’ll take the weight off.  If you think you could use the support and the accountability that comes with paying someone to weigh you and paying to attend meetings, then go for it.  If you feel like you need to find a trainer or workout partner to give you someone to work with at the gym, then do that too.

I like WW because I don’t want to own a scale and weigh myself daily.  I like the POINTS system because it takes more into consideration than just calorie content (like fiber and fat).  It’s easier for me to count points than calories.  I also like going to the meetings and seeing the same group of people fighting the good fight.  I like to know what’s going on in their lives for the same reasons I read weight loss blogs.  They make me feel less alone.  I get sad when one of them disappears, the same way I mourn people who stop posting.

I know, this answer is terrible.  Basically, I’m telling you that WW is working for me, but I don’t know if it will work for you.  It’s not a magic pill.  If you can’t afford it, it’s not the end of the world.  There are other things you can try (like Spark People) that may work for you.  If you feel like WW is a good choice for you, then work it out in your budget and decide if you can swing it.

Whatever you do, don’t give up.


3 Responses to “Tonight and the Rest of My Life”

  1. Janet Says:

    I hear ya on the concern about how easy it is to fall back into old habits. I have worked out virtually NONE while I’ve been on break. It’s so easy to just skip a day and then skip another and so on.

  2. Becky Says:

    Actually that was a great answer about WW. You kind of presented both sides of the question. Thanks. : )

  3. seattlerunnergirl Says:

    I am so with you in knowing that I will struggle with healthy living for the rest of my life. All I can think is that a LOT of this will get easier and easier over time, at least MOST of the time, as we make it into a real, honest-to-goodness habit. Hang in there!

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