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Little Differences January 14, 2010

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You guys! Fatty McBlog has started writing again!!!  This is one of the first weight-related blogs I ever read and their archives are still some of my faves.  These two ladies are super funny and while they don’t really write about weight LOSS, you should still check them out.  I added them (and a bunch of my other favourite blogs) to my blogroll this week.

Certain things change when you lose weight.  Some things (energy level, clothing size) are expected.  Others….are not.  Here is a list of things that are different now that I’m smaller:

1.  I used to always be hot.  Roasting.  I hated the summer because all I did was run waddle from my air-conditioned house to my air-conditioned car to my destination, which was almost always air-conditioned.  I thought that my internal temperature was just set higher than other peoples.  I was wrong.  Now I am freezing cold 98% of the time and the other 2% occurs when I am in the shower or working out.  I used to sleep with my window open in the winter (and I live in Canada people).  Now I have three blankets on my bed and am considering investing in a heating blanket so that I can stop taking a warm bath every night before I climb in.

2.  My shoe size has changed.  I really didn’t think my feet were THAT fat before but, again, I was wrong.  I went from a size 8 to a size 7.5 or even a 7.  I guess my weight pushing down on my feet made them wider and that necessitated a bigger shoe size?  I’m really not sure what that’s about, but as I’ve bought new shoes, they are smaller than they used to be.  I don’t think vanity sizing has spread to footwear yet, so my feet must have shrunk.

3.  I have lost 1/4 of an inch of height.  This must also have something to do with the fat on my feet.  Maybe the fat on my feet was on the bottom of them?  I have no idea.  When I had my last physical, they measured me at 5’5 3/4 inches and I’ve always measured 5’6″ even so….it’s a mystery.

4.  I had to start buying different panty liners (oops, was that TMI?).  I always bought ones that said “Long” on them, but recently I’ve felt a bit like I was wearing a diaper because they were now TOO long.  I switched to regular ones and have not had that same feeling.  I never realized that being fat would make me wider in the lady bits, but I guess this makes sense since my panties kept getting larger as I got bigger.  Why wouldn’t the same hold true for my liners?

5.  It doesn’t take me as long to shave my legs.  I’m attributing this one to the fact that there’s less “surface area” then there used to be and therefore, it takes less time to groom them.  Actually, this holds true for lots of stuff.  I use less of products (body lotion, shave gel etc) then I used to.  I didn’t notice it at first, but my mom commented that I was still using the same shave gel I had when I was in Vegas and that her’s never lasts that long.  I realized I use less than I used to. 

I can’t wait to see what’s going to change next.


6 Responses to “Little Differences”

  1. seattlerunnergirl Says:

    Thanks for sharing your list of “differentness!” It’s so fun to think of all the usual, and not-so-usual things that will change as I lose more weight.

  2. Chibi Jeebs Says:

    Very interesting! I’m ALWAYS cold, regardless of how much I’ve gained; my shoe size changed about half a size when I started gaining weight; and if I shrink height-wise, I’ll cry: I’m only 5’2! lol

  3. forthrightfattie Says:

    This is such a fun post, but I have to echo Chibi Jeebs, except that I’m 5’1 1/2 on a good day! Shoot! But my size 9 feet wouldn’t be a bad thing to reduce.
    I’ve always wondered about the leg-shaving thing too, especially when talking to skinny friends who shaved their legs every day like it wasn’t some big production.

  4. Janet Says:

    Oh my. This list gave me a huge wakeup call. As I’ve put the weight ON, I’ve experienced evey single thing on this list in REVERSE. Ugh! I’m hotter now, my feet are bigger, I’m 1/2 inch taller, it takes forever to shave my legs, I even need longe pantiliners! Someday soon, that will all change!

  5. aperfectversionofmyself Says:

    Seattlerunnergirl – I’m sure you’ll notice a bunch of stuff that I’ve missed. I’m pretty oblivious.

    Chibi – the worst part about the shrinking was my neurotic worry that my BMI would change! I’m such a freak sometimes.

    FF – all my friends seem to have much less trouble keeping themselves groomed then I do. I never attributed it to my weight, but maybe that’s what it is!

    Janet – you bet it will change – you’re going to kick ass in 2010!

  6. Sarah Says:

    YaY! All of these things are true!

    Congrats on your loss!

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