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Just Try February 9, 2010

Filed under: Weight Loss Updates — Tara @ 8:23 pm

I’m down 2.2 lbs this week.  It was a tough one, I seemed to be starving all week and had to constantly check myself before I attempted to eat the fridge.  Judging by the results, I was successful!

A couple of cool things to discuss:

I’m starting to crave new fitness challenges so I signed up for a 5K run!  It’s taking place on March 10th and I’m torn between being really proud of myself and scared stiff.  I’m running a 5K on the treadmill on a bi-weekly basis but I know that running outside is a whole different animal.  Not to mention that running outside in MARCH, in CANADA is a challenge in and of itself!  I’ll be signing up with a bunch of people from my Weight Watchers group and my uncle has reluctantly happily agreed to join me.  I have a goal to finish under 45 minutes, which is neither fast nor impressive but since it’s the first time I’ve attempted anything like this, I think it’s a reasonable goal. 

Another cool thing is that I’m trying this new thing.  This new thing where I TRY new foods.  I’m an extremely picky eater.  I don’t like my food to inter-mingle on my plate and I have a laundry list of things that I won’t eat (mushrooms, pork, olives).  I have changed so much in the last fourteen months, more of these changes being mental than physical, that I thought I should throw caution to the wind and open myself up to new foods.  This weekend I tried sushi.  California rolls to be exact, which I know that not everyone even considers sushi, but since I don’t like fish, it was a big step.  You know what?  It was delicious!  I had some with crab and some with avocado and loved every bite.  I also tried smoked salmon and enjoyed the heck out of that too!  I was so….impressed with myself!  I’m going to try to find more opportunities to try new things every week, starting next week with eggplant.  I’ve eaten it in the past, but I don’t think I gave it a fair shake so I have stuffed mini-eggplants on the menu.

Wish me luck!


5 Responses to “Just Try”

  1. Good luck to you, Tara. And eggplant is delicious!

  2. Tracy Says:

    Ooooh! Congratulations on the loss, and good luck with the 5k. And with the eating. I know that it’s hard, sometimes, just to do something as simple as eat, especially if it’s something that you’ve never tried before

    But especially if you’re going to be training and running/walking the 5k, you know you have to eat, right? 😛

    Let us know how the eggplant is – I’ve never tasted it!

  3. Jenn Says:

    Good for you for being open to trying things again. I find that a lot of time it’s not the food that people don’t like. It’s the way that they’ve had it cooked. Try different methods until one clicks! Good luck with the eggplant. I think that’s another little guy that’s gotten a bad rap. 🙂

  4. Janet Says:

    Congrats on the loss, and on planning to do the 5K. I think that’s awesome! I think the only time I’ve eaten eggplant it was deep fried. Which probably doesn’t count. lol

  5. MamaBearJune Says:

    Congrats on the loss and on trying new things!

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