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101 Reasons To Love Being Me! February 15, 2010

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Lillian @ Losing Half, Gaining More has this great list – it’s the 101 Reasons to Be Happy Just the Way I am Today.  I’ve been wanting to make my own and make it available here forever, but I just haven’t found the time.  Today’s the day!  I’m going to give it its own category on the sidebar and update it as I go.  It’s my effort to not only be happier (which I think we could all use), but to start focusing on the reasons/ways I love myself.  So often, I look in the mirror and am not happy with what I see and that’s a darn shame.  I’m starting to really believe all that positive self-talk and think that I’m awesome, just the way I am.  I really hope people don’t think this is egotistical but if they do, I invite them not to read it.  I think this will be good for me!  Positivity, ho!

1.  I have beautiful eyes.  They’re blue, with yellow around the irises and they have really long eyelashes that don’t need mascara.  I inherited them from my grandmother, which makes me feel connected to her in this great way.

2.  My shoulders are wonderful.  They have this beautiful shape and they’re SO narrow.  I’m obsessed with them.

3.  My collar bones are works of art.  Seriously.  I just….love them.  They are sexy, sexy, sexy.

4.  My legs are so strong!  They can carry me for miles and they never seem to tire, even when the rest of me is pooped.

5.  My calves are pure fricking muscle.  They even have muscle on the front of the calf that flexes and looks lovely when I run.  Love!

6.  I have a great laugh!  It catches the attention of the whole room and makes people smile.

7.  My hands are so tiny and delicate looking.  Like doll-hands, but with nicer nails.

8.  I can run!  It makes me so happy to be able to be active!

9.  My smile lights up my whole face. 

10.  I’m a great cook.  Everything I make is great and my friends love to join me for dinner (and not just because it means they don’t have to cook for themselves). 

11.  I will do anything for family and friends.  Need someone to paint your house at 2 am?  I’ll be there with coffee.  House-sitting?  Baby-sitting (this despite not really liking children)?  I’m your girl.  I get great pleasure out of doing nice things for the people I love.

12.  I read really, really fast.  Like, Superman fast!  It’s something I’ve always been able to do and I love it.  I can finish a book in a few hours, leaving me able to read MORE!

13.  I have a great memory.  Elephant-like even.

14.  I have really thick, beautiful hair.  Not curly but not straight, it just has a lot of body. 

15.  I have an hourglass figure.  Boobs, small waist, round hips.  Looks great if dressed correctly.

16.  I am all curves!  I feel so womanly, because I’m round in all the right places.

17.  I feel hot and sexy these days.

18.  I love my butt.  It’s the perfect size and shape, I really hope I don’t lose any weight in that particular area.

I’m going to keep adding more.  Every time I think of some other reason that I’m great, I’m going to put it right here. 

What’s on your list?


5 Responses to “101 Reasons To Love Being Me!”

  1. Lillian Says:

    LOVE the list!! Especially love your dreamy-sounding eyelashes. As someone who looks like I have no lashes without mascara because they’re so pale, that sounds amazing!

  2. Great list. I think I need to do this at some point.


  3. I like your list and you if I were a guy I might want to meet you!

  4. aperfectversionofmyself Says:

    Lillian – I’ll trade you my eyelashes for your gorgeous hair colour…deal?

    Andrew – you should totally do this on your blog too!

    Weighting Around – I wish more guys wanted to meet me! If you know any single ones, send them my way!

  5. […] still not obese, woo hoo, and I’m feeling great.  I’ve added a couple items to my list because I’m in such a good mood lately.  I started my new job, and I’m in that period […]

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