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My Engine is With You March 23, 2010

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I’m down 2 lbs this week!  That means my latest goal (to lose 145 lbs) is toast and it’s time for a new one.  This time, I have my sights set square on losing 160 lbs.  I’m still basically on track to be half the woman I was at the beginning of June and life is very, very good.

You know how lately, I seem to be talking a lot about how busy I am?  Well, it’s true.  I just thought I’d give you a run down of a typical day (yesterday) to give you some insight as to why I’ve basically disappeared from the internet.

5:15 am – Alarm goes off.  I lay there for AT LEAST five minutes groaning about how no one sane gets up this early.

5:20 am – stumble to bathroom.  Blink in the light and contemplate going back to bed.  Brush teeth and shower.

5:45 am – Get dressed, head downstairs and blow-dry my hair.  I used to straighten it too, but before 6 am I cannot be trusted with something that hot near my head.  Eat breakfast, throw some makeup on, put on shoes and grab all my crap that’s laying by the door and take it to my car.

6:15 am – Drive to work.  Switch between two radio stations, one where I like the music but hate the dj’s and one where I hate the music but love the dj’s.

7 am – Arrive at work and make a cup of Starbuck’s Tazo Passion Tea with one sweetener and no milk.  Work until 12 pm.

12 pm – Lunchtime!  I read and chat with my coworkers as I dream about winning the lottery.

1 pm – Return to work.  Try to look less stupid than I did in the morning.  This is usually not possible.

3 pm – Have a piece of fruit, usually an apple.

4 pm – Leave work!  I commence the really fun drive through rush hour traffic to my home the gym.

5 pm – Arrive at the gym and workout.  Usually some kind of cardio.  Mondays it’s spinning, Tuesdays it’s Zumba, Wednesdays will become yoga, but for now is a combination of the elliptical machine and the treadmill….

6 pm – Stretching!  My favourite part of the workout!

6:15 pm – Shower at the gym, just to rinse off the sweat so I don’t have to get in my car all wet.

6:45 pm – Arrive home and begin making dinner.

7:15 pm – Dinnertime!  Followed of course by cleaning up the huge mess I managed to make whilst cooking my food.  Seriously, how does one meal take that many measuring cups?!

8 pm – Dessert (yes, I eat dessert every night.  I plan points for it in advance because dessert is the best part of the day) and some time to check my email.

8:15 pm – Throw my laundry (sweaty, disgusting gym clothes usually) in the washing machine.

8:30 pm – Pack lunch for the next day and stick it in the fridge.  Also, pull out what I need from the freezer for dinner the next day and make sure I’m not weirdly missing any ingredients that will be crucial to me having a meal on the table the next night.  Make sure my iPod is charged for the gym the next day.  Clean my water bottle and fill it so it’s ready to go.  Transfer my laundry into the dryer at this point.

9:15 pm – Talk my dog into going outside even though it’s raining/snowing/sunny/cold or any other combination of conditions that he does not like. 

9:30 pm – Wash my face and brush my teeth.  Change into pj’s and make my bed (that’s right, I make it right before I get in and not in the morning.  Sue me).  Set the alarm for the next morning.

9:45 pm – Run down to the basement and quickly pack my gym bag with my now-clean gym clothes.  Bring it upstairs and set it right beside the door where I will not forget it.

10 pm – Lights out folks.  I’m tired, it’s been a long, long, long day.

Now do you see why I stopped commenting on your blogs?  Or why I can’t find the time to blog more than once a week (if I’m lucky)?  The only reason this post is so long is that I cheated and wrote everything except the first paragraph on Sunday.


The Update March 21, 2010

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I set myself some New Years Resolutions this year for the first time in a long time.  It’s now the end of March, which means that a quarter of the year is gone (I know, I hate when people scare me with how fast time is passing too) and I thought I’d check in on how I’m doing with them.

1.  Take swimming lessons  – I’m still waiting on this one.  Not to make excuses, but between starting a new job and all my other fitness obligations, I just haven’t had the time.  I’m not giving this one up, I’m just pushing it back to May.

2.  Sign up for a Learn to Run 5K – Again, there’s been no time.  I’m thinking I might start the Couch to 5K instead, because I can do it anytime, rather than having to meet up with a group of people at an assigned time.  Thoughts?

3.  Run a 5K in May – DONE!  And, two months early!  I ran the Frosty 5K on Sunday March 8th and it was one of the proudest moments of my life.  My Weight Watchers leader even submitted it to corporate head office as in inspirational story!

4.  Ride My Bike – While it’s still too cold to really ride outside, I have invested in the padded shorts and have been taking spinning classes once a week for the last five weeks.  It’s awesome!  I leave the class exhausted and exhilarated.  I’ve even gotten off the bike only to slip on MY OWN SWEAT that dripped off me onto the floor.  Awesome.

5.  Take Up Yoga or Pilates – I went recently (ok, today) to a new yoga studio that just opened in my town and will be signing up in a week or so.  They have a great introductory offer of $30 for a month of unlimited classes and the girl at the desk was kind enough to recommend some good instructors/classes for beginners with all the flexibility and balance of a two-by-four.

6.  Weight Training  – this one is a massive FAIL!  I still can’t motivate myself to do this.  AT ALL.  I’m thinking I might try to commit to Body Pump again, just because it’s scheduled and I can count on it every week.  Sigh.

7.  Run a Half-Triathlon – this one is more a long-term (ie: the end of the year) kind of goal.  Since I’m still working on all the pieces that go into a triathlon, I feel that this one is well on its way to being a reality.

There you go!  I’m really pleased with how my resolutions are coming along for the most part.  How about you?  Are you still going strong, or have you fallen off the wagon?  And if you did fall off, how are you planning to get back on?


You’ve Got the Love March 17, 2010

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Hey!  Did you miss me!  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to update!  I have so many things to tell you about, including how my 5K went, so I’ll just dive right in.

Last week, due to my going-away party from my old job, I gained 1.8 lbs.  Ooops.  You’ll be glad to know it wasn’t really because of food, but more due to how much alcohol I consumed.  I usually keep track of how much I’m drinking based on how much money I have left in my pocket, but I only paid for one of my drinks and all my friends and coworkers bought the rest of them.  The result was that I was barely able to move the next day and I think I was still sweating booze during my run on Sunday.

This week, I’m down 1.6 lbs, which means that I basically broke even.  I’m still not obese, woo hoo, and I’m feeling great.  I’ve added a couple items to my list because I’m in such a good mood lately.  I started my new job, and I’m in that period where I feel really stupid and useless and like I’m never going to get it BUT I’M STILL IN A GREAT MOOD!  All those years, I figured people were nuts when they said that exercise is better than mood stabilizers, but they were right!  I’ve noticed on the weeks I take it easy on myself in terms of exercise, I’m grumpier.  I get moody and touchy and mean.  Exercise calms me down and mellows me out, much to my surprise.

I also ran a 5K race since the last time I updated!  It was so awesome.  I finished in 39:19, which is spectacular!  I was aiming to cross the finish line at 45 minutes, but my friend Kate (we met at our WW meetings) was super great at setting a good pace for us both and I was able to surprise myself!  I have pictures on a camera that I borrowed, but I don’t know where the cord is so….you’ll have to imagine me, navy blue Lululemon sweatshirt, Montreal Canadiens baseball cap, bright red face and grey capri pants crossing the finish line…..and then bursting into tears.  I think I scared the crap out of everyone around me because I COULD NOT STOP CRYING.

Sixteen months ago, I couldn’t carry my laundry basket from my basement to second floor bedroom without stopping to rest on the first floor.  Today, I can run (RUN!) 5K in less than 40 minutes.

Life is beautiful.


Dress March 8, 2010

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As promised weeks ago, I put a new picture up on the blog – this one taken after I had lost an even 140 lbs.  Once again, my fat blindness has struck.  The only place I see any kind of difference is in my face and I think that can be more attributed to me getting my hair cut, then losing weight. 

In case you’re too lazy to click on pictures, here’s the new one:

Weight: 188. 2 lbs

Yes, I am wearing a dress.  And no, I didn’t know it wasn’t that flattering on me.  The fact is, I need serious help when it comes to shopping.  I’ve spent my entire life shopping in two stores and I have no idea how to put stuff together.  I seriously need Stacy and Clinton to help me out.  Instead, I often buy things that turn out to be too big (cause I figure if I can get it on, then it fits….discounting the idea that sometimes things are actually too big for me now), too long (turns out, I’m a petite length in skirts and jackets, but not in pants….what the crap is up with that?), or just plain ugly.  I think ugly is the case with this dress.  However, in my defense, it was cheap ($22) and I needed something that wasn’t jeans to wear to a job interview.  Since I got the job, I can’t hate this dress too much.

However, I will never wear it again.  It’s…..just not right on me or something.


The Hockey Song March 2, 2010

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Last week was a disappointment, but I figured it had to do with my “heavy” week of the month.  I was right!  I lost 4.4 lbs this week, which I can only assume is the two weeks put together.

These four pounds coming off is very exciting!  It means my BMI dropped to 29.7 and I AM NO LONGER OBESE.  I am merely an overweight person.  Woo Hoo.  It’s almost as exciting as a certain gold medal game that occurred this Sunday.  Almost, but not quite.

See, hockey is different in Canada.  It’s not like football or baseball in America.  Hockey here is a major part of our national identity.  I read online that over 85% of the country tuned in to watch the gold medal final of the men’s hockey.  85%!!!!  That means that only 15% of our total population had better things to do with a Sunday afternoon!  There were lines FOUR HOURS LONG to get into certain bars in Toronto to watch the game!

If the Americans had won (and they certainly fought hard enough to deserve it, Ryan Miller particularly), a segment of the population south of the border would have gone, ‘Yay’! and then moved on with their lives.  We’ll be all talking about this until the next Olympics!  People at work yesterday and today were dissecting the game and talking about Crosby, Nash and Perry all day long. 

I don’t remember why I started typing this diatribe about hockey, I must still be all riled up about the game.

Anyway, weight loss, yay!  Hockey, yay!  I’m off to Zumba and I wish you all a great week.  I’m running a 5K on Sunday and I’ll check back in afterwards, assuming I don’t die first.