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Dress March 8, 2010

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As promised weeks ago, I put a new picture up on the blog – this one taken after I had lost an even 140 lbs.  Once again, my fat blindness has struck.  The only place I see any kind of difference is in my face and I think that can be more attributed to me getting my hair cut, then losing weight. 

In case you’re too lazy to click on pictures, here’s the new one:

Weight: 188. 2 lbs

Yes, I am wearing a dress.  And no, I didn’t know it wasn’t that flattering on me.  The fact is, I need serious help when it comes to shopping.  I’ve spent my entire life shopping in two stores and I have no idea how to put stuff together.  I seriously need Stacy and Clinton to help me out.  Instead, I often buy things that turn out to be too big (cause I figure if I can get it on, then it fits….discounting the idea that sometimes things are actually too big for me now), too long (turns out, I’m a petite length in skirts and jackets, but not in pants….what the crap is up with that?), or just plain ugly.  I think ugly is the case with this dress.  However, in my defense, it was cheap ($22) and I needed something that wasn’t jeans to wear to a job interview.  Since I got the job, I can’t hate this dress too much.

However, I will never wear it again.  It’s…..just not right on me or something.


2 Responses to “Dress”

  1. Those dresses are….DIFFICULT to wear, for most people. It’s like they take everything that is gorgeous and forgiving about an empire waist, and just decided, “Meh. Let’s make her look short and fat instead”. That said, I keep trying them on….and keep wondering why.

    That said, $22? I would have bought it as well. In two colours.


  2. fashionforward Says:

    Hey, I saw your website thru spark people, saw that you posted on this really inspiring thread regarding positive changes of weight loss. Anyway, I just wanted to comment on your dress choice.

    The fabric on the purple dress is not forgiving – very clingy, shows all the lumps, etc. Also, the dress is too long and too thin of a fabric to pair with tights. 3/4 sleeves and capri pants only look good on unrealistically skinny models.

    Try a stiffer fabric dress, or consider layering a top with a buttoned cardigan or a buttoned jacket to add definition to your waist and hide your tummy. Also try wearing some eye-catching jewelry to distract from problem areas. Body slimmers like spanx work pretty well. If it’s not too difficult, heels can add height which gives the illusion that you are slimmer. Heels are unfortunately uncomfortable.

    Anyway, I thought your post on sparkpeople was inspiring so I came by your blog. Keep up the good work! Good luck and have fun looking for new clothes!

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