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Losing Weight is Hard

Back in Your Head June 6, 2010

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It’s all in your head.

Weight loss, that is.

90% of the effort you put forth when trying to lose weight is the mental effort.  Once your brain gets on board with it, your body just follows suit.  After all, your body wants to be healthy.  It wants to be in harmony with itself.  That means that your body doesn’t want to be carrying around an extra few hundred pounds.

The problem is your brain.

Your brain tells you that you’re too tired to hit the gym.  You’re not.  Believe it or not (and most of you already know this), exercise doesn’t deplete your energy stores.  It adds to them.  Exercise gives you a boost that lasts for hours.  So much of a boost that some people have trouble sleeping if they exercise too close to their bedtime.

Your brain tells you that you’re still hungry, despite the giant, satisfying, delicious dinner you just finished.  You’re not.  You are feeling bored, anxious, lonely, unloved, uncomfortable, or despondent.  You’re about to use food as a way to make that feeling disappear.  It won’t be gone long though.  As soon as you have finished swallowing that last mouthful of cheesecake/ice cream/granola bar/pudding, you’ll feel that itch deep inside again.  The one that is impossible to scratch with food.

Your brain tells you that you can’t do this.  You can.

Your brain tells you that this is hard work.  It is.

Your brain tells you that you’re not worth the hard work.  You are.

So you need to talk to your brain.  You need to do it constantly.  Talk yourself into going to the gym.  Talk yourself into taking the walk around the block.  Talk yourself out of eating something to satisfy a craving that isn’t physical. 

Most importantly, you need to talk your brain into believing you can do this.  It’s hard, sure, but so is watching yourself die slowly – whether death be physical or emotional.

I stopped doing this.  I was awesome at it for the first eight months or so of my weight loss.  And then?  It got easier.  I didn’t depend on the self-encouragement as much.  So I stopped.  I need to remember how to do this and start again.  I think it’s time for a return to the most basic fundamental of my weight loss plan: talk yourself in and out of stuff.  I started talking to myself again this week.

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4 Responses to “Back in Your Head”

  1. chubrubb Says:

    You’re right… Mind games, brain tricks… Sometimes our brain is scared of what would happen if we reached our goal… and then we abotage ourselves.
    You have proven that you are capable of accomplishing anything! So keep on trucking!
    And BTW, I ever go to nice places like Canada unfortunately! I went to DC once but it was a one time thing! I’m usually in Central Asia… 😐

  2. chubrubb Says:

    Grrrr! My keyboard is dying on me!


  3. Chibi Jeebs Says:

    Damn, Tara! I’m all wibbly after reading this. If I did know that it’s my BRAIN telling me I’m “too tired” to exercise, I’ve forgotten. I needed to read this today. I needed to be reminded to be nicer to myself. I needed to hear that, while it *will* be hard, I *can* do this and I *am* worth it. Thank you. ❤

  4. Can I agree with all of this? It’s basically ALL MENTAL. Which is terribly frustrating at times because you are just fighting against yourself, retraining your brain, and it’s more exhausting than actually exercising. Talking yourself into doing good things is good though… so do it! (I’ll be doing quite a bit of it this week.)

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