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Losing Weight is Hard

Better July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day to everyone!  I know you all might not celebrate it, but let’s take a moment to celebrate being Canadian.  It’s all about the Poutine for me, but I’m sure there are other things that make us proud besides french fries covered in fresh cheese curds and then smothered in gravy.  I can’t currently think of any, because I’m busy drooling – but rest assured, they’re there.

As I’m off from work, I thought it might be fun to make another list of the things that have changed – expected or not – since I lost almost half my body weight!

1.  I discovered that I’m bowlegged the other day.  Not severely, but there is a definite curve on my inner thighs when I put my knees together.  I guess my thigh fat just kinda covered it up before but now that the chub is receding, I can see that I have more in common with my one true love than you would think at first glance.

2.  My migraines have disappeared.  Now, I know that other people may not have experienced this (in her case, it’s the opposite) but for me it’s been the longest time in my life that I’ve ever gone without going blind in one eye and losing all sensation in my hands and face before the blinding pain would set in.  It’s been two years in August and I’m even happier to report that my doctor and I recently made the decision that I could be weaned off my preventative meds.  I’m drug-free!

3.  I look cute in hats!  I used to think that I had one of those heads that didn’t suit a chapeau but I was WRONG!  Apparently it was just my massive pumpkin face that led to my no-hat rule.  Now that my face is much thinner, hats look super cute on me.  Especially since I just wacked all my hair off into a short pixie cut.

4.  I stopped snoring!  I had been told that I snore, but I have no idea that it was weight related or that it had gone away until I went away on a girls weekend in November and was told that it’s no longer the case (although, for the record, I apparently talk and laugh in my sleep).

5.  I am an hourglass!  I always figured I was shaped like a rectangle (only with more lumps – do rectangles have lumps?) but it’s not true!  I am curved at the bust and then I am tiny through the ribcage and waist and then there’s a jut back out at my hips.  It’s absolutely lovely and it makes me feel like a WOMAN.  Rawr!

6.  I never noticed how difficult it was to “wipe” myself until it wasn’t anymore.  I don’t remember struggling, but now my hands reach behind my back better (or something)?  I don’t care what it is, it’s just nice.

That’s all I can think of for now but speaking of change, anyone who’s particularly eagle-eyed may have noticed a change on my Stats page.  I’ve amended my ultimate weight goal.  When I selected 145 pounds as my end number, it was a number so far out of my frame of reference that I kinda just picked it.  It was ten pounds below my highest acceptable BMI weight for WW to give me lifetime membership and it seemed like a good number.  But now that I’m closer?  I don’t really need to lose that much more weight.  The fact is, the things I don’t like about my body (my stomach pooch or my breast sag) are not things that are going to go away by losing ten extra pounds.  They can really only be fixed surgically (something I’m not sure about just yet).  I would really like to stop paying WW to weigh me each week.  I think 155 lbs is a much better goal for me.  I will be at a healthy BMI for my height (I’m 5′ 6″ tall) and I think I will be happy there.  I may change my mind somewhere down the line, decide I want a bit of a “cushion” between me and “Overweight” but for now it’s making me happy to see that I only have about ten pounds to lose.



2 Responses to “Better”

  1. bonnie godzich Says:

    Oh and how about crossing your legs when you sit down, being able to trim your toenails and breathe at the same time, wearing pants without elastic waists, walking on a treadmil more than two minutes, stepping up on the bus or on a boat without looking so awkward and not being the last customer at a counter being waited on as if you were invisable. Those are the little perks that I have noticed and I still have the last 30 pounds to lose.

  2. Lauren Says:

    So did you partake in said poutine? I hope so! Yum 🙂

    I LOLd at your number 6! Weight loss is about more than just the number going down at the scale!

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