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Victory July 14, 2010

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I’m calling this week one.  You know why?  Cause I’m going to forget all the weeks that came before it and start kicking ass at weight loss again! 

There’s a particular fire that fuels you when you first start a weight loss endeavour.  It’s bright and shiny and new and oh are you going to rock at it!  That kind of enthusiasm fades as the weeks tick by, but I’m claiming it back!

I recently told someone on Twitter that I was ok with my gain because I can own my mistakes.  Not doing this is a common problem, in my HUMBLE opinion, in weight loss.  Sure, sometimes people own their mistakes to the point of feeling guilty and giving up – that’s just as wrong as brushing them off altogether.  When you stumble, you need to own it.  Acknowledge that it happened, try to learn from it and then move on.  Put it behind you and just keep chugging.

The greatest thing about owning your mistakes?  You get to own your victories too.  Sure, you ate an entire cake (or a small colony of chicken’s wings) but you moved on with life and dropped a huge number the next week!  You earned it and you own it.

I’m going to post my food log here for the next little while, to keep myself more accountable.  I’m promising to track EVERY. SINGLE. SOLITARY. THING that passes my lips – including my water.  I’m also going to log my exercise here as well.  I’ll put it at the end of my posts and you can skip it if you prefer.  Food is green, exercise is red and liquids are blue.  Got it?

Available Weight Watchers points: 22

Pre-workout snack:  12 oz fresh pineapple (-1)

30 minutes elliptical machine – average speed 8.6 miles per hour (+2)

30 minutes treadmill – 5 mins warm up @ 3.7, 20 mins jogging @ 5.3, 5 mins cool down (+2)

5 minutes stretching

32 oz water consumed during exercise

Breakfast:  1 cup Kashi Puffed Wheat cereal (-1)

1 cup mixed berries (-1)

1 fat-free serving of yogurt (-1)

14 oz coffee, made with three 2% milk packets and two Splenda (0)

Mid-morning snack: All-Bran Cinnamon-Oat Bar (-2)

32 oz of water consumed before lunch

Lunch:  1 whole wheat tortilla prepared with 2 TBSP hummus, 66 oz of lean chicken, red and green pepper strips and red onion (-3)

Granola bar (-2)

1 serving fat-free yogurt (-1)

1 medium pear (-1)

10 oz hot tea, made with two 2% milk packets and one Splenda (0)

Afternoon snack: 1 medium Apple (-1)

Dinner: 1 cup steamed green beans and brocoli, with lemon juice, salt and pepper (-0)

3 oz extra lean turkey burger, made with green pepper, onion and seasoning and served on a WW bun with relish, mustard, tomato and onion (-5)

1 ear grilled corn on the cob (-1)

Dessert: 1 No-Sugar Added Jello Pudding (-1)

TV Snack: 100 calorie Smart Pop popcorn (-1)

20 oz water consumed from lunch till bedtime

Total points used: 22

Total AP earned: 4

Total liquids consumed: 108 oz – 84 of them water


One Response to “Victory”

  1. bonnie godzich Says:

    Thanks for the meal ideas, but with that much water I know where you will be spending your night unless you have one fantastic bladder. Way to go girl!

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