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Underneath Your Clothes July 17, 2010

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There is some key that I keep hitting that deletes everything I have written.  I have no idea what key it is, but I’ve managed to engage it three times while writing this post.  For all I know, you will never read these words because they will get deleted and I have vowed this is the last time I’m going to make an attempt to blog tonight…

I bought new underwear today – I noticed “some” sagging in my old stuff a couple of weeks ago and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to shop since then.  I say “some” because my old underwear was a 2X and the stuff I bought today was a medium.  That’s a bit of a difference, I probably should have bought the new stuff sooner.  I’ve moved into a medium and a size 8 in almost every store now. 

I still hold those clothes up though, and think “this is tiny, there’s no way it’s going to fit….all those other stores must be vanity sizing and I’m not truly a M/8”.  And then I try it on and it fits and I remember that I have no ability to judge my own size.  I need a very nice friend to point out to me someone that’s approximately my size in public, so I can tell what I look like in relation to other people.  That would probably make both the pointer and pointee very uncomfortable though, so I’ll just settle for not knowing and hoping that my eyes eventually catch up to my brain.

Available Weight Watchers Points: 22

Breakfast:  2 servings Oat-Blueberry Pancakes (-4)

2 servings Walden Farms Calorie-Free pancake syrup (-0)

30 minutes elliptical machine – averaging 82 RPM (+2)

30 minutes treadmill – 5 mins warm up @ 3.7, 20 mins jogging @ 5.3, five mins cooldown (+2)

5 minutes stretching

32 oz water consumed between breakfast and gym

Lunch: 1 light Flatout flatbread, prepared with 2 TBSPS hummus, 66 oz of lean chicken, red and green pepper strips and red onion (-3)

1 All Bran Cinnamon Oat Bar (-2)

1 serving fat-free yogurt (-1)

6 oz honeydew melon (-1)

32 oz water consumed between lunch and snack

Afternoon snack:  1 medium pear (-1)

Grande coffee from Starbucks, made with skim milk and two Splenda (0)

Dinner: 3/4 cup cooked whole wheat spaghetti (-3)

1 serving WW Bolognese sauce, made with green peppers, onions, celery and 2 oz extra lean ground beef (-4)

Dessert: 1 serving No Sugar Added Jello Pudding (-1)

TV Snack: 100 calorie Smart Pop popcorn (-1)

3 oz honeydew melon (-0.5)

6 oz fresh pineapple (-0.5)

20 oz water consumed after dinner

1 bottle Coors Light (-2)

24 oz Diet Pepsi (0)

Total points used:  24

Weekly points available:  33 (2 used)

Total AP earned: 4 (11 for the week)

Total AP used: 0

Total liquids consumed:  136 oz – 84 of them water


One Response to “Underneath Your Clothes”

  1. Chubs Says:

    I have read your previous posts and while it’s tough to see that you got binge scares, it’s awesome that you recognized that there was somthing deep beneath the calories and the points that also needed to be addressed.
    Obviously you’ve had your share of issues in your childhood/teenage years, and I really hop a page gets turned and you comeout of this happy, healthy and kicking ass!

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