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Losing Weight is Hard

Drowse July 18, 2010

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Quick, quick check in today – I was at a theme park all day today, so I’m really tired from being in the sun and walking all day – but I am dying to talk about it, so I’ll do that tomorrow!  Food went awesome, especially for a theme park-type day.

Available Weight Watchers Points:  22

Breakfast: 1 cup Kashi cereal (-1)

1 cup mixed berries (-1)

1 serving fat-free yogurt (-1)

Grande coffee from Starbucks, with skim milk and two Splenda (0)

1 medium apple (-1)

32 oz water consumed with breakfast and during the drive to the park

16 oz water consumed before lunch

Lunch:  1 small hamburger on white (yuck) bun with relish and mustard (-5)

Garden salad with 1 TBSP Italian dressing (-1)

1/4 cup potato salad (-1)

Venti unsweetened iced passion tea from Starbucks (0)

1 medium apple (-1)

Grande coffee from Starbucks, made with skim milk and two Splenda (0)

6 oz sirloin steak with 1 TBSP feta cheese

Grilled veggies

Sweet potato fries

1/4 cup ketchup (-1)

Per nutritional info on the menu at the restaurant, dinner was 565 calories (fat and fibre not listed), estimated Point value: 12

32 oz water consumed with dinner

Total points used:  24

Weekly points available:  29 (6 used)

Total AP earned:  No idea, but I was walking and/or standing in line ALL DAY so I feel good about how much activity I got in today.

Total AP used: 0

Total liquids consumed:  116 oz – 80 oz of them water


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