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Creep (Half the Man I Used to Be) July 20, 2010

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I have an enormous headache right now, so I’m going to make this quick and dirty.  I lost 4.8 lbs this week, which is astounding.  I’m guessing the greasy-food binge from last week contained more than fat, I think it probably had a lot of sodium too.

I feel like singing!  Well, not right now because my head really does hurt, but I feel like singing inside!  I have now lost over 50% of my body weight!  I’m less than half the person I used to be!


It’s insane.  It’s hard to even process!

I really do think that blogging every day this week was a huge factor in my success.  I’m going to attempt to keep it up, but I probably won’t manage it EVERY day.  I’m going to aim for five days a week though, I think it’s a good goal, don’t you?

Another thing – the food/water/activity log I tried out this week?  Boring?  Helpful?  You skipped past it so you could care less?  Let me know because I’m undecided as to if I should keep doing it or not.  I think it helped, but it’s kind of pain in the ass so your comments might really sway me either way.

Available Weight Watchers points: 22

Breakfast: 1 cup Kashi cereal (-1)

1 cup mixed berries (-1)

1 serving fat-free yogurt (-1)

14 oz coffee, made with three 2% milk packets and two Splenda (0)

12 oz fresh pineapple (-1)

32 oz water consumed between breakfast and lunch

Lunch: 1 whole wheat wrap, prepared with 2 TBSPS hummus, 66 oz lean chicken, red and green pepper strips and red onion (-3)

1 serving fat-free yogurt (-1)

1 granola bar (-2)

1 medium pear (-1)

10 oz hot tea, made with two 2% milk packets and 1 Splenda (0)

1 medium apple (-1)

16 oz water consumed between lunch and working out

30 minutes elliptical trainer, averaging 83 RPM on level 3 of the Random program (+2)

30 minutes treadmill – 5 mins warm up @ 3.7, 20 mins jogging @ 5.3, five mins cooldown (+2)

5 minutes stretching

32 oz water consumed during work out

Dinner: Garden salad with four croutons and Balsamic dressing on the side (fork prongs dip style) (-1)

Cashew Chicken Stir Fry from Crabby Joes – I requested it be made with less oil than they normally use and got the cashews on the side and only sprinkled a few on – no nutritional info is available so my best estimated guess for points is (-15) and I think that might be high.

1 bottle Coors Light (-2)

16 oz water consumed with dinner

Total points used: 30

Weekly points available: 21 (14 used)

Total AP earned:  4 (29 for the week)

Total AP used: 0

Total liquids consumed:  132 oz – 76 of them water


6 Responses to “Creep (Half the Man I Used to Be)”

  1. Cindy Says:

    A BIG CONGRATULATIONS! You’re awesome! And I love reading your blogs but personally skip over the food diaries but mainly because I follow a different eating plan (it may be helpful for those looking to follow in your footsteps though!) Keep up the great work!!

  2. Nicole Says:

    That is an amazing accomplishment! You have much to be proud of! Can’t wait to follow you on the rest of your journey!

  3. Congratulations! And I think you answered your own question; if the diaries help, keep doing them.

  4. Chibi Jeebs Says:

    WOO HOO! Go, you – that’s awesome! 😀

    I personally skip food diary portions/posts, but that’s *my* preference: it’s YOUR blog, so you do what YOU want, especially if it’s working for ya. 😉

  5. congratulations! I know you are so happy. I think that food diaries are very smart. Even if your readers don’t look them over carefully, what matters is how you feel about keeping track.

  6. Lauren Says:

    I love reading the food journal! It’s super helpful b ecause you have done amazing on WW and have completely inspired me! seeing what a successful person eats is super helpful.

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