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Summer Time July 25, 2010

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I’m home from the cottage!  I had a great time – I’ll go into more detail tomorrow, but let’s just say there was boat rides to go for ice cream cones (or frozen yogurt in my case), swimming, mosquito repellent, a 5.5 km run, and a rib-fest.  It was a humdinger of a weekend but I feel victorious. 

I tracked every single solitary mouthful of food that entered my lips and while I wasn’t always within my daily points, I used some of my weekly points and still have some to spare!  I feel like that’s an awesome, awesome, awesome thing to be able to say after spending the weekend at the cottage!

I have a ton of stuff to do tonight, including laundry and packing all my crap for tomorrow.  Plus, my grandmother goes in to have her knee replaced tomorrow and I have to get up at 4:30 am to drop her off at the hospital.  I’ll be back to blog tomorrow!


4 Responses to “Summer Time”

  1. Congratulations on a REALLY successful (and hopefully super fun) weekend!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I hope your grandmother’s surgery goes well.

  3. Debbie Lowe Says:

    Good for you on tracking your points. I track everything, if I bit it I write it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would like to add you my follow list, but I do not see how to do it?

  4. Nicole Says:

    Sounds like it was a super fun weekend and great job on keeping yourself in check!

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