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The Update July 29, 2010

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I won a giveaway!  I’ve never won a giveaway.  I rarely enter them, that might have something to do with it, but I’ve never won one before so I’m celebrating!

You can read all about the giveaway and how I won right here!  Thank you so much Roni!  With her linking here, the blog has experienced HUGE increase in traffic flow, so welcome to any new readers!  I love new readers, so make yourself right at home!

The prize was $100 in cool cash and I thought a lot about what I wanted to do with my big win.  I thought about giving her the go ahead to donate it to something, but then I thought about what I really wanted to do: host my own giveaway and spread the bloggy love!  So that’s what I’m going to do!  I’m going to use Roni’s $100 to buy a bunch of stuff that I feel has been essential to my weight loss and I’m going to give it away!  Stay tuned for more details next week.

I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about going self-hosted.  I’ve read the extremely awesome instructions Mary has on her blog and I’m thinking it sounds like something I could handle.  I’ve also asked my friend Mike to let me pick his brain should my blog explode during the process (warning: do not click on that link if you are hungry.  He and his fiancée write THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD BLOG IN THE WORLD).  I’d like to add some content on here, including a better way of food blogging.  I post a lot of my meals on Facebook and lately my friends have been bugging me for the recipes (which are more “throw this food on your plate” deals than actual recipes, but still).  Stay tuned to move with me (I hope)!!

I’ve been having a weird stomach thing the last few days, I get extremely nauseous after lunch.  Not breakfast.  Not dinner.  Just lunch.  I haven’t started eating anything weird at lunch so I’m not sure what this is about.  I almost threw up yesterday, it got that bad.  I’m going to give it till Saturday and then I’ll attempt to get an appointment with my doctor (HA!  HA!  I love how casually I said that – like it’s possible to get in to see my doctor during the summer when she spends less time at work than she does at the cottage).

Have a great week everybody who’s still reading this nuts and bolts post!


One Response to “The Update”

  1. bonnie godzich Says:

    Love your nut and bolts approach, not all of us have been at this for years and you offer so many helpful hints, plus you sound so real as in ups and downs, Some people are like the Miss Perfects of the world. We love real!!!

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