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A Little Something Refreshing August 11, 2010

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Since I’m toying with the idea of doing more food blogging, I thought it would be fun to post pictures of what I eat on a pretty regular basis.  Without further ado, here is a typical day in my food world!

I always pack my lunch the night before:

I pack lean chicken, veggies and hummus for a wrap:

I take some yogurt, a granola bar and some fruit:

I pack it all up and put it in the fridge for the next day:

I get up in the morning and I have breakfast, which usually consists of puffed wheat cereal, mixed berries and yogurt:

I cut up the berries and pour them over the cereal:

I add the yogurt:

Stir and enjoy!

When I get to work, I indulge in the single cup of coffee I allow myself in a day:

Around mid-morning, I eat a piece of fruit (a pear, in today’s case) but I forgot to take a picture of it – so here’s one of me instead:

At lunchtime, I assemble my wrap:

Eat my yogurt:

Enjoy my granola bar:

And finish off with another piece of fruit – honeydew melon for today:

About 3 pm, I have another piece of fruit (I love fruit!).  For today, it was an apple:

I left work and went to the gym for some quality Zumba time.  When I got home, I made chicken fajitas for dinner:

Which turned out awesome:

I had dessert:

And then later I made Cranberry-Bran muffins to put in the freezer for when I’m craving a baked good and I “tested” one:

My total food intake today was 21 Weight Watchers points.  I left one behind, but I’m trying not to eat when I’m not hungry and I was satisfied with leaving it.

Can you tell I bought a new camera?  Look for more photos to be posted now that I possess the tools to do so!  Welcome to the year 2001 Tara!


5 Responses to “A Little Something Refreshing”

  1. natalia Says:

    Ciao ! Your smiling photo is beautiful !! Bravissima from Roma !

  2. Laura Says:

    I love that your plate has a Christmas tree on it. I pack my lunch and eat from those containers. I agree it looks less appetizing in a “lock ‘n lock” than on a plate but I just don’t want to do the extra dishes. 🙂

    What you ate yesterday looked very appealing.

  3. aperfectversionofmyself Says:

    I can’t take credit for the Christmas tree plate – it belongs to my office at work.

    And we have a dishwasher here, so I don’t have to do the dishes – or I would eat from the containers as well.

  4. GB Girl Says:

    I love food pics. They always give me new ideas. . That veggie pita looks delicious. I may have to try that for lunch.
    Cute pic!

  5. Dee Dieter Says:

    That’s one yummy (and healthy) looking day.

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