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Losing Weight is Hard

Take It Easy August 17, 2010

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There’s this pose in yoga.  It’s called Crow pose and it’s a tough one.

See, you squat down with your knees spread wide (dirty!) and then you hug your knees around your biceps as tightly as you can.  You squeeze your biceps hard as you lean forward and then?!  Your feet lift off the floor and you’re supporting your whole body on your arms.  It looks insane.  It feels insane sometimes.

Cause here’s the thing: you hug your knees in tight and then you have to let go.  If you tense up, your feet will never come off the floor.  You’ll fall.  You have to keep your head up and your eyes forward as you let go of the tension in your lower body and then?  It just happens.  If you squeeze too hard and you don’t trust yourself to hold steady, your feet will never come up and you might even topple over.

It’s very similar to my weight loss efforts lately.  I’ve been so sure that if I just “squeezed” hard enough, I could make it happen.  I could lose these last few pounds and hit my goal.

Instead, my weight loss was stalling, grinding to a halt even.  I was attempting to control and plan for everything and not only was I driving myself nuts (mentally), but I wasn’t getting anywhere.  I was teetering up and down the same few ounces every week.  I’m happy to announce that I had a mini-break through this week on the scale, I lost 1.4 lbs, but more importantly I came to a really important decision this week.

I’m done trying to force this weight off.  It’s going to come off, everything I’ve been doing over the last 90 weeks has taught me that weight is eventually going to go away if I just keep plugging at it.  But instead of tensing up about it, or driving myself to distraction with “what ifs” and “I should haves….”, I’m going to just let it happen.  If it takes a year to lose the last 5.8 lbs, then it takes a year.  I’m not going anywhere and frankly, there are worse things in this world than being 5.8 lbs overweight.  I should know, I used to be 173 lbs overweight.


3 Responses to “Take It Easy”

  1. I’ve found that forcing the weight loss is a sure weight to make it STOP completely. It’s like your body knows what you want and will only give it to you when you let go and just focus on other things. Strange, but it really works that way.

    ps – I totally want to get the crow pose! I get so close but I’m still not quite good enough to conquer it!

  2. Chibi Jeebs Says:

    O_O Whoa. Crow pose just blew my mind!

    I am so very proud of you, and so very proud to know you. You’ve done such an amazing job, and your attitude is one I strive to adopt. You’ll beat those last 5.8 lbs – there’s not a doubt in my mind.


  3. Shasta L. Says:

    The Crow pose always freaked me out, but I found a way to achieve it well enough. Then…I tried it in a HOT Hatha yoga class. That…was…impossible! I laughed out loud when the instructor announced that was our next pose.

    There is nothing wrong about being “5.8 lbs overweight” because there isn’t some sort of magical threshold you’ll encounter if you do lose it. Maybe your clothes will fit a little less snugly, but that’s not a particularly exciting milestone.

    Losing 173 lbs through hard work and sheer will power? Now that’s an exciting milestone!

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